The Story



We set up the magic fabric and leather on a date match made in the artist /creative heaven. They got married and lived happily ever after imminently weaving offsprings that carry their dna.

These children have brought joy to the world bring instant smiles to those who meet them for the first time. These interactions bring a magical urge to touch, feel, kiss and carry them along through their lifetime. Their natural scent has captivated people jotting an interest to know their story


The weaving artform is our cultural craft artform is our inheritance from our elders and as the youth – our duty is to preserve and innovate the artform for the current and next generation to enjoy and identify with it as a cultural expression.


Cream coloured Mokolwane branches are handpicked carefully ensuring that this indigenous plant is protected and continues to live and feed the next generations through its vast uses including edible fruit used in making useful household goodies ranging from alcohol, fabric to decorative artifacts.

Only natural roots, leaves and barks are pounded using a kika le motshe (Pestle and mortar) to make different coloured dyes. These dyes are transferred to the mokolwane branches through a boiling process that ensures that the permanent colours do not run nor rub off. They give these offspring’s different colourful personalities. During the weaving process different patterns are designed in order to narrate the life of the flaura and fauna in nature.

All this is carefully handcrafted and stitched with the environment in mind by reducing our carbon footprint on our beautiful land.